The Campus Framework is a visionary roadmap meant to guide future campus planning and development for the next 20 years. It is a living document designed to be flexible, incremental and implemented in phases. The campus growth and renewal efforts laid out in the Campus Framework will further distinguish Syracuse for excellence in teaching, learning, research and scholarship, and advance our standing as an academically distinguished, student-focused, international research university.

The overarching goal of the Campus Framework is to ensure that the University’s physical landscape, buildings and infrastructure align with and support the priorities and implementation of the Academic Strategic Plan, as well as our institutional mission and vision.

As a living document, the Campus Framework is dynamic and responsive to changing circumstances over time. The 2023 Refresh is an opportunity to reflect on the Campus Framework as we understand this vision in today’s context. The 2023 Refresh seeks to:

  • Map key implemented projects from the Campus Framework and describe their impacts and lessons learned;
  • Record recommendations for future implementation of Campus Framework projects; and
  • Document key focus areas and considerations for future campus planning.

To learn more about the campus transformation efforts, see the Campus Framework Overview.