Summer Construction Update: July 25

This week, the Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction will host its fourth summer construction information session. The session is scheduled for Wednesday, July 27, at 9:30 a.m. in Lyman Auditorium. For more information, please visit SU News. I hope you can join us.

Those of you on campus or watching progress via the live construction camera have probably noticed that construction across campus has been progressing at a rapid pace. Many projects are nearing completion, with several wrapping up in the first week of August. Some work will continue into the fall, and our team will continue communicating with those campus community members impacted by ongoing construction.

Updates this week include:

  • Brockway Brewster Boland Electrical Service Replacement: The deep excavation across Van Buren Street began a week ago. Unfortunately, we encountered more shale than anticipated, and the crew has been slowed down by the need to break it out of their way as they excavate across the street. Due to this rock, Van Buren will need to remain closed until Aug. 6.
  • Coyne Field Turf Replacement: Installation is wrapping up on the new field turf at Coyne Field, home of the national championship field hockey team.
  • Crouse College Bells: Preparation work in the bell tower will begin Aug. 1, with a crane rigging the new bells into place. This is scheduled for the second week of August. The preparation of the fourth floor area under the bells is underway to allow the area to be used for practicing, using a new practice chime stand.
  • Falk College Café: Demolition is complete, and construction has started on the new café at the Falk College. Along with the new demonstration kitchens, this project is one of the final pieces of the Falk College relocation and consolidation in White and McNaughton halls. The café is scheduled to open mid-September.
  • Grant Auditorium Elevator: A modernization upgrade to this elevator has been underway since early July. The project is scheduled to be complete in early August.
  • HB Crouse Elevator: The installation of the new elevator at HB Crouse is going well, and is on track to be complete and in service the second week of August. This elevator will feature a stop at the Gifford Auditorium Lobby, which was not previously accessible from inside the building.
  • Quad Improvements: Fencing is coming down around the Quad, as the improvement project has been completed. Irrigation, tent tie-downs, power and data are all installed and ready to make the Quad a better event space. Weather conditions have been hard on the lawn, and our contractor and the grounds department will continue efforts to make sure the lawn is looking its best quickly.
  • Regent Theater Accessible Restroom: Renovations to the restrooms at the Regent Theater are underway and scheduled to be complete in the first week of September, in time for the fall performance season.
  • Roof Updates: With the Flanagan Gym roof replacement finishing this week, all roofing work, with the exception of the Commissary, is complete. Some detailed final items remain, so there may be some contractors present on campus, but all work is substantially complete.
  • Sims Hall Stair Replacement: The replacement of the two north stairs is underway simultaneously, with walks and site stairs having been removed. Cast-in-place stairs have been installed. The site will be restored and work will shift to the east side of the building later in August.
  • Skytop Budget Office Renovation: The Budget Office will move from the Skytop Office Building to a remodeled space in 621 Sktyop the first week of August. This move is the first effort in a larger project that will reorganize and renovate Skytop Office Building.
  • Slutzker Center Improvements: Several improvement efforts at the Slutzker Center are now complete. This included painting, the installation of new carpet and the addition of a second-floor restroom. Exterior painting and exterior improvements are nearing completion.
  • Steam Line Replacement at Waverly/Comstock: Working collaboratively with the City Water Department, crews on the steam line project were able to strengthen a joint and install a critical new valve on a 30-inch-high pressure water main, allowing for the new steam line to be installed crossing under it. Crews will now work to complete the steam line, backfill the road and work toward final restoration.
  • Tennity Ice Pavilion—Rink Chiller Replacement: A new chiller has arrived on site and work is underway to install it. Simultaneously, a temporary chiller is operational and making ice on the rink, which is scheduled to open the first week of August.
  • University Place Promenade: The good weather has made for great progress on the Promenade. Almost all utility work is now complete, granite walls and stairs are being installed on the plinths, and many trees have been planted. By the middle of this week we expect to be pouring the concrete base for the brick pavers on about 60 percent of the Promenade. This one-day effort will require about 70 concrete trucks and take 12 hours. Taking advantage of a late-breaking opportunity to replace an unsightly exterior transformer at Smith Hall, we will be keeping the Quad 2 Parking Lot closed for one additional week, with it now opening on July 30.

As a reminder, please visit There you’ll find the draft Campus Framework, as well as a public comment section. You’ll see many of your fellow students, faculty and staff are contributing their comments, thoughts and suggestions.

If you have any construction-related questions, comments or suggestions, please email For parking concerns, call Parking and Transit Services at 443-4652. And, if you have questions pertaining to accessibility, contact Aaron Hodukavich, director and ADA coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services, at 443-2377 or

To track construction progress, please visit


Pete Sala

Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer