April Construction Update

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

As the end of the semester approaches, we hope you had a great academic year, and congratulations to our graduating students. In the Office of Campus Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC), we are gearing up for summer renovation work, as we continue our efforts on major projects across campus. We have over 80 capital projects planned for this summer and intend to invest $45 million in University facilities. We hope our returning students are looking forward to the many changes, including the Barnes Center at The Arch project, that will be completed by their return in the fall.

Here is the status on many of the renovations and updates we are making across campus:

Archbold Gymnasium/Barnes Center at The Arch: Steel installation is now complete. The crane has been removed from the site. Work in Building A is significantly complete. Installation of finishes and millwork is ongoing. Roof installation is complete on all portions of the building. Mechanical, plumbing and electrical work continues in Building B. The pool installation in Building C is approximately 50 percent complete. The project is on schedule to be completed by this fall. The project can be seen on the construction webcam.

National Veterans Resource Center (NVRC): Structural steel installation is complete. All concrete floor slabs have been poured. Enclosure of the building will commence as installation of the curtain walls begins in May. The project is on schedule for a January 2020 opening. Pedestrians and drivers are reminded to follow the signs in the area of construction. A single lane of traffic will remain along South Crouse Avenue from Waverly Avenue to Marshall Street through this spring. You can monitor the progress at the NVRC website and live webcam.

Schine Student Center Renovation: The Schine Student Center renovation will begin in May. The project, identified as a key component of the Campus Framework, will enhance the student experience by creating new gathering spaces, improved facilities for student services and a new dining experience. More information on the project can be found on the SU News website. Information on where to find relocated offices and services during the renovation can be found on this SU News page.

Stadium Roof Project: Preliminary work has commenced for the roof project at the stadium. The contractor has mobilized to prepare a foundation pad for the crane on the west side of the building. Modifications to the pedestrian route from Sadler and Lawrinson halls to Main Campus have been established. Pedestrians should observe and follow signage. For additional information regarding the pedestrian route, visit http://facilities.syr.edu/closures.

Allyn Innovation Center: The Allyn Innovation Center Project is ready to commence. The infrastructure, utilities work, and some of the much-needed renovations to Link Hall will begin this summer.

Bird Library Suite 548: Construction is complete. The LGBT Resource Center has relocated to Suite 548. The Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Disability Cultural Center will relocate in May. These organizations will be temporarily relocated to this location during the Schine Student Center renovation.

Campus Wayfinding and Building Signage: A working group of University representatives is overseeing a phased Campus Signage and Wayfinding project. This project includes exterior campus wayfinding and building signage, digital wayfinding, arrival signage to identify campus gateway entrances, interior building signage and wayfinding and donor recognition signage. Students, faculty, staff and visitors will begin to see new parking lot signs installed in late May.

Center for Science and Technology (CST) Third and Fourth Floor Labs: Construction is underway for renovations to four labs in CST. Work is complete in 3-044 and 4-024. Renovation work in 3-040 and 4-020 is scheduled to be completed by the end of May.

Crouse College Cupola Restoration: This summer is the final phase of the exterior restoration of this historic building. All three cupolas will be removed from the roof and placed in a fenced area on the west side of the building. The contractor will restore the cupolas on site before re-installing them on the roof in August. Installation of scaffolding to support the project is ongoing. The removal of the cupolas will occur immediately after Commencement in mid-May.

Day Hall Student Room Renovations: Construction of this multiphase project will continue this summer with additional renovations to student rooms and to the student lounges on the first floor. Summer 2019 construction will be the final phase of this project. Upon completion, the three-phase project will provide students with updated single-user accessible restrooms throughout the building, renovated student rooms on all floors and an updated lounge on the first floor.

DellPlain Hall Student Room Renovations: The design for student room renovations is complete. This two-phase project will include new room layouts, furniture, flooring and other finishes. The first phase is scheduled for construction this summer and will include student room renovations on floors 6, 7 and 8, and updates to the first-floor lounges.

Dineen Hall Fourth-Floor Renovations: Construction commenced in March for a new office suite on the fourth floor. The Burton Blatt Institute (BBI) is scheduled to relocate from Crouse-Hinds Hall to the fourth floor of Dineen Hall by the end of May. This new location will foster greater collaboration between the College of Law and BBI.

Eggers Hall Registrar Classrooms: Furniture and finishes are being updated in four classrooms in Eggers Hall. Rooms 012, 070, 111 and 113 will receive new furniture, carpet and paint.

Hall of Languages: The third year of the classroom and auditorium renovations will be completed this summer. The tiered lecture spaces in rooms 107 and 207 will receive a complete renovation, including new auditorium seating, carpeting, paint, AV upgrades, and heating and cooling upgrades.

Hendricks Chapel: HVAC improvements include the addition of air conditioning to the chapel and are scheduled for completion by May for Commencement events in the chapel.

Hinds Hall ICE Box: The final design of a new space in Hinds Hall is complete, and construction will begin this summer. This project will create an additional 1,000 square feet of flexible program space on the second floor to support innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship in the iSchool. A construction manager for the project has been selected. Construction will be completed in late fall 2019.

Lawrinson Hall Roof: The roof of Lawrinson Hall is scheduled to be replaced this summer. Work will begin immediately after Commencement. The work is scheduled to be completed in early August.

Lyman Hall Lecture Hall Renovation: The design is complete for renovations to the tiered lecture space in Lyman Hall room 132. The renovation will include all new finishes, new seating and a new AV system. Construction will begin in May and will be completed in August for the fall semester.

Maxwell School Masonry: A multi-year masonry repair and restoration project begins this year. A masonry investigation and repairs occurred last summer on the west side of the building. Work will continue and be completed on the west side of the building this summer. Over the next three years, an additional side of the building’s masonry will be repaired and restored each summer.

Shaffer Art Building Glass Block Façade: The existing glass block façade along the west side of the building is scheduled to be replaced this summer. The construction drawings are complete, and the proposed work is out to bid. Construction is anticipated to begin in mid-May.

Single-user accessible restrooms: To date, 99 single-user accessible restrooms have been installed on campus with the most recent in the Physics Building, Crouse College and the Shaffer Art Building.

Utility Work:

·       A chilled water main in the lawn area in front of Smith Hall will be extended to the building this summer for a future cooling project in Smith Hall.

·       A steam vault on the east side of the Stadium Lot is scheduled to be replaced this summer. Work will commence in mid-May.

·       Utility work along Forestry Drive in the vicinity of the stadium’s loading dock will occur mid-May to the end of May. A separate project to relocate a steam vault at the intersection of Sims Drive and Forestry Drive will occur from mid-May to early August. Both of these projects will require a closure of Forestry Drive. The closure by the loading dock will last approximately one week and will occur in late May. The closure at the Sims Drive intersection will last approximately two weeks and will occur in July. The road closures will be communicated to the University community when the dates and durations are confirmed. Please pay attention to the pedestrian detours noted and follow the directional signs.

·       A steam vault and steam/condensate piping upgrades that support the University’s steam distribution system will be completed in the concrete sidewalk area between Link Hall and Shaffer Art Building. The work will begin immediately after Commencement and will be completed by August. Pedestrian access through this area from the College Place bus stop to the Shaw Quad will be maintained.

·       A chilled water main replacement is being completed in the Brockway Lot, immediately west of the Brockway Dining Hall and continuing north onto the adjacent property. The work in the Brockway Lot will continue through Commencement, and the entire project will be completed in June.

City Bike Network Project: The City of Syracuse is making significant progress on the proposed bike network project adjacent to campus on Comstock and Waverly avenues. Asphalt pavement repairs and the replacement of sidewalk accessible ramps is approximately 50 percent complete. Work will continue down South Crouse Avenue in the coming weeks. Students, faculty and staff will return to campus at the end of the summer with improved access to campus and new bike lanes on both sides of the street along Comstock and Waverly avenues.

A full listing of construction projects is updated and listed by building on the CPDC website. Please refer to this website periodically to see what is occurring across campus, and feel free to reach out to the assigned CPDC project manager with any questions you may have. For everyone’s safety, I encourage you to remain alert in work areas, watch for route changes and follow the pedestrian signs. Visit the CPDC Impact/Road Closure webpage for additional information.

If you have any construction-related questions, comments or suggestions, please email cpdc@syr.edu. For parking concerns, call Parking and Transit Services at 315.443.4652.

If you have questions pertaining to accessibility, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services at 315.443.4018, ADA@syr.edu or equalopp@syr.edu.


Pete Sala
Vice President and Chief Campus Facilities Officer