August Construction Update

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

At the start of this new academic year, I’m pleased to see our campus come back to life, reopening for residential instruction, and very proud of my colleagues across campus and their hard work to get our university to this point.

Much of that hard work involves making numerous COVID-19 modifications to campus buildings and outdoor spaces. Among these: 40 tents have been erected (29 short-term for check-in and testing, plus 11 for longer-term use); 170 registrar classrooms have been redesigned for social distancing; 392 circles were painted on the Shaw Quad for outdoor social distancing; 1,130 hand sanitizing stands have been placed in building entrances, at elevators and in classrooms; and 300 custodial staff have been trained in all facets of PPE and proper cleaning, especially in high touch point locations.

In addition, the University began a wastewater testing initiative that includes 21 testing sites set up for sewers serving residence halls throughout campus. Each site consists of a plastic storage box containing sampling equipment. This testing allows the University to monitor the sewer flow for signs of the novel coronavirus.

Although all new capital projects are currently on hold, Campus Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) has continued its work over the summer on projects already underway; those deemed mission-critical to the academic priorities of the University; or projects that include regulatory, compliance and/or safety components.

The following is a list of many of the projects:

Classroom Technology Upgrades/Camera Installation: Cameras have been installed in 33 registrar classrooms this summer to support distance learning. The installation of these cameras and new audiovisual technology will increase instructional flexibility to allow for in-person instruction, as well as distance learning, this semester.

Heroy Geology Laboratory Improvements: The project to renovate the geology laboratories on the third floor of Heroy—Rooms 313, 319, 320 and 321—is nearing completion. The spaces will be ready for use by the end of this month and ready for new researchers that are joining the University this fall.

Physics Building Laboratory Renovations: The renovations to the new laboratory in the Physics Building basement—Rooms 012 and 012A—have progressed well, and the contractors are completing finish work. The project is scheduled for completion on Aug. 31 and will be turned over for research use.

Physics Building Room 115 Renovations: The Physics Building 115 Teaching Lab upgrades are nearing completion. The renovations taking place this summer have expanded the existing teaching lab, improved the efficiency and increased the capacity of the space. The space is scheduled to be complete in September.

Lyman Hall Classrooms: Improvements in Lyman Hall to renovate existing classroom 115D and create a new adjacent classroom are complete. The project includes new finishes, lighting controls, and furniture/technology upgrades.

Lyman Hall Geography Suite: Renovations to Lyman Hall Suite 215 are complete. The suite will be the new location of the Department of Geography’s Community Geography Program, which is being relocated from the second floor of Crouse-Hinds Hall.

Campus Security Cameras: The installation of three additional security cameras was completed this summer in the areas of Walnut Park and the Women’s Building to improve campus safety.

Schine Student Center Renovation: This renovation project is about 70 percent complete. Interior work is advancing quickly with some interior spaces ready for paint. The Panasci Lounge is receiving all new finishes, including ceilings, lighting and carpeting. Installation of the new façade along the south and west sides of the building will commence in early fall. When construction is complete, the building will feature new accessible pathways; upgraded spaces for student organizations; a dedicated cultural centers area that co-locates the Disability Cultural Center, Office of Multicultural Affairs and LGBT Resource Center, further promoting inclusivity and intersectionality; and a new glass façade allowing natural light to flood into the front of the building. More information on the Schine Student Center renovation, identified as a key component of the Campus Framework to enhance the student experience, can be found in this SU News story.

Sadler Hall Elevator Modernization: This project includes the replacement of the equipment in all three elevators. Replacement of the motors and elevator controls for two of the three elevators is complete. Work on the third elevator will continue into the fall semester.

Barnes Center at The Arch: HVAC work on the Flanagan bridge to provide improved heating and cooling is complete. The installation of nine ADA accessible door operators for the locker rooms, counseling center and health services suite is complete. The recreation/lap pool is open during specific hours; reservations are required; individuals can view available times and reserve a spot in the Wellness Portal (under “Exercise Reservations”). The Prettyman Spa Pool remains closed due to New York State Department of Health COVID-19 regulations.

Residence Hall Security Cameras: As part of the University’s Campus Commitments, in response to student concerns, additional security cameras were installed in all residence halls this summer. The security cameras were installed in lounges and elevators in many residence halls. Camera installation in elevators in a few residence halls will continue into the fall semester.

University College Window Replacement: This project will be put out to bid to contractors by the end of this month. CPDC staff are coordinating with University College staff for installation of the windows to occur in the fall.

Stadium Renovation Project: As one of the cornerstone projects of the Campus Framework, in July, the stadium project team raised the cable net into place, a significant milestone that completed the structure to support the rigid roof and membrane. The contractor has been working for the last several weeks to place roof joists, assemble the arches for the tension membrane and install roof decking. The roofing subcontractor has mobilized on site and is beginning the process of installing roof insulation and the roof membrane. Construction of the new concourse restrooms at the east end of the building and several new family/gender neutral restrooms are progressing well and will be complete in September. Major renovations to the four-corner lower concourse concession stands are taking shape and will also be complete in September. The closure of Forestry Drive remains in effect as the contractors continue their work. Please follow detour signage and pay careful attention in the area, as this remains a busy construction site. Pedestrians traveling from Sadler Hall and Lawrinson Hall should observe and follow pedestrian signage. For additional information regarding the pedestrian route, visit the Site Impact/Road Closure web page.

Waverly Avenue Steam Distribution Improvements: The steam vault and piping project at the south side of the Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel & Conference Center parking garage finished ahead of schedule at the end of July. This project replaced a vault and installed new steam/condensate piping across Waverly Avenue into the Schine Student Center. The area is restored and returned to normal use.

College Place Lot Steam Distribution Improvements: The project to replace a steam vault and piping along the south side of the College Place Lot is complete. This project replaced critical infrastructure in the University’s steam distribution system. The lot has been returned to normal use for the fall semester.

Parking Garage Improvements: Ventilation fans are scheduled to be replaced in the Lawrinson Garage in the fall, and concrete repairs in the Comstock Garage will occur in September.

For everyone’s safety, I encourage you to remain alert in work areas, watch for route changes, heed construction flagger directions and follow the pedestrian signs. Visit the CPDC Site Impact/Road Closure web page for additional information.

If you have any construction-related questions, comments or suggestions, please email For parking concerns, call Parking and Transit Services at 315.443.4652.

If you have questions pertaining to accessibility, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services at 315.443.4018, or


Pete Sala
Vice President and Chief Campus Facilities Officer