June Construction Update

With the summer break now well underway, our team is taking advantage of the beautiful weather and tackling a robust construction schedule. We are undertaking a substantial amount of infrastructure and utility enhancements to modernize our campus, as well as implementing many residence hall and accessibility upgrades. Our summer schedule is ambitious and I am grateful for your continued patience and support. 

Masonry repairs and maintenance continue at Crouse College and Maxwell Hall. Several South Campus buildings in Slocum Heights will receive new roofs over the summer. Other important projects include the following:

Parking Area Maintenance: Concrete repairs will commence in June in all six parking garages and several parking lots will receive asphalt resurfacing over the summer.

Physics Building: In addition to the new single-user accessible restroom on the first floor, faculty and staff at the Physics Department identified the need for another accessible restroom in the basement. Our team has identified a suitable space and will begin construction later in the fall.

Campus Utility Upgrades

  • Utility upgrades in the Q-1 parking lot continue throughout the summer. Work will progress from Q-1 along the front of Heroy, along the west and south side of Steele Hall toward the Quad. This work will be complete prior to the start of the fall semester.
  • Utility work along University Place from the entrance of the Hillside lot to Crouse Drive is underway. Upgrades to our underground steam utilities will include pedestrian improvements to the Hillside lot.
  • Existing steam and condensate lines and steam vault will be replaced along Forestry Drive in the area of the Sadler Circle and the Dome loading dock.

Residence Hall Improvements

  • Day Hall: Bathroom renovations will convert communal bathrooms into single-user accessible restrooms. Upgrades include student room finishes and new furniture.
  • Lyons Hall: Upgrades to student room finishes, new wardrobe closets and new lounge furniture.
  • Brewster Brockway Boland Plaza: Renovations to the existing plaza, including the construction of an accessible ramp to Brockway dining, new pavers, landscaping and outdoor furniture.
  • Brockway Dining Hall: Full renovation of the dining area, including updated finishes, new furniture, a revised server layout with additional food options.

Hendricks Chapel: A new roof and HVAC improvements will commence later this month. The roof will be complete this summer. The HVAC improvements will be completed by May 2019.

National Veterans Resource Center: Excavation and fine grading is nearing completion for the foundation of the building. The first of many concrete trucks have begun to pour the slab foundation and foundation walls. This is an exciting time for our community to see a new building taking shape at one of the gateways to our main campus. Remember to monitor the progress at the NVRC website.

Archbold Gymnasium: The mass demolition of the southern end of the building is complete. We have begun to excavate for the foundation of the new larger natatorium. Utility construction continues on Sims Drive and Forestry Drive. As a result, Sims Drive will be closed until late August. We encourage you to keep up with the construction progress through the live webcam.

A full listing of summer construction projects is updated and listed by building on the Campus Planning, Design and Construction (CPDC) website. Please refer to this website periodically to see what is occurring across campus, and feel free to reach out to the CPDC manager assigned with any questions you may have. For everyone’s safety, I encourage you to remain alert in work areas for route changes, follow the pedestrian signs and visit the CPDC Impact/Road Closure webpage for additional information.

If you have any construction-related questions, comments or suggestions, please email cpdc@syr.edu. For parking concerns, call Parking and Transit Services at 315.443.4652.

If you have questions pertaining to accessibility, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services at 315.443.4018, ADA@syr.edu, or equalopp@syr.edu.